DUO Security – 2FA for everyone!

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DUO all the things!

Seriously. Get a free account at DUO and go to town. The free account is limited to 10 users, which is perfect for personal use, and you can upgrade at anytime to add more users or features. Plans are per user per month, and honestly, well worth the peace of mind.

Currently I have it protecting LastPassWordPress, and every network device and server I own. I attempt to login as usual, ssh or https – you are using https right?, provide my known user credentials, and am immediately prompted to either supply the key from my hardware token or accept the duo push on my mobile. Simple. Secure. Brilliant.

I cannot think of a better way to start the year. Lock your stuff down, we trust browser caches, txt files, etc., why not add something a little more interactive to your security profile?